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DMCoach aims to educate, assist and monitor citizens with a high risk for the development of Diabetes Mellitus (type 2) or patients with already diagnosed pathology.
DMCoach has the main goal to improve the patients and citizens’ lifestyle by increasing the awareness on the risks related to having a not-healthy lifestyle. The improvement is obtained motivating and educating the patient with tailor-made advices. The patient information is used to semi-automatically produce such advices applying a clinically validated medical knowledge and the mediation of clinicians.


Shared Information




Experimentation sites


A mobile application designed for elderly people, to help them following a healthy lifestyle in order to manage or prevent the T2DM. Their actual personal doctor, using her/his own web application, customises the advices tailoring the goals properly for each patient.


A mobile application designed for helping workers to have a healthier lifestyle in order to prevent several metabolic pathologies, in particular, the accent is on the T2DM. The occupational doctor, using her/his own web application,  customises the advices tailoring the goals properly for each employee. The colleagues can compete against each other on healthy challenges. 

Application for clinicians

Coaching support with smart profiling of patient goals

Mobile app for patients

Personalized advices, proactive and tailored on patient’s sensitiveness, resulting from clinical validation and/or produced from health professionals


Reading daily walks and runs directly from the smartphone (via Google Fit® and Apple Health®)

With special thanks for their collaboration to:

Dr. Anna Casu M.D.

Specialty in endocrinology and metabolic disease
Unit Chief – Diabetes and Islet transplantation at

Dr. Anna Vittoria Ciardullo MD

Director of UOC Internal Medicine at diabetology, Modena local health authority

Dr. Enzo Caruso M.D.

Responsible of Endocrinology and Diabetology outpatient unit
Maratea Hospital
Maratea(PZ) Italy

Prof. Andrea Giaccari

Chief, Center for Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases
Policlinico Gemelli, Rome, Italy

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