Learn how to manage your Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with personalized advice

The project

The project

DMCoach is a project aiming to educate, assist and monitor citizens with a high risk for the development of Diabetes Mellitus (type 2) or patients with already diagnosed pathology.

DMCoach has the main goal to improve the patients and citizens’ lifestyle by increasing the awareness on the risks related to having a not-healthy lifestyle. The improvement is obtained motivating and educating the patient with tailor-made advices. The patient information is used to semi-automatically produce such advices applying a clinically validated medical knowledge and the mediation of clinicians.

The project applies to the Digital Wellbeing Innovation Action and is co-founded from EIT Digital

The issue

The adoption of incorrect lifestyles is leading to an increasing spread of type 2 diabetes mellitus. This pathology, more and more often, discourages the patient who then neglects and underestimates the therapeutic indications with consequent complications. Complication management has a major impact on public and private health costs.

Our solution

The goal is to create an ecosystem for mHealth to raise citizens' awareness of the risk of developing the disease. In addition, we support and educate patients with targeted and personalized recommendations (automatic and / or provided by dedicated clinical figures) in the management of lifestyles to prevent complications of the disease.


Coaching support with smart profiling of patient goals


Personalized advices, proactive and tailored on patient’s sensitiveness, resulting from clinical validation and/or produced from health professionals


Physical activity tracking and stress identification with the CHILL Band®

Personalized coaching

medical staff provides, to each patient, personalized feedback based on the analysis of identified trends and patterns

Lifestyle monitoring

smart gathering and presentation of data about physical activity, nutrition and anthropometric measures

Patient empowerment

it increases the patient awareness on the lifestyle and leads to adopt a healthier lifestyle

Patient engagement

high and lasting patient involvement, achieved by adapting the solution on his/her propensity to behavioral change

Gamification & Socialization

mechanisms to get high participation and motivation from the users in the long-term


With special thanks for their collaboration to:

  • Director of UOC Internal Medicine at diabetology, Modena local health authority

    Dr. Anna Vittoria Ciardullo MD
  • Responsible of Encocrinology and Diabetology outpatient unit

    Maratea Hospital
    Maratea(PZ) Italy

    Dr. Enzo Caruso M.D.
  • Chief, Center for Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases
    Policlinico Gemelli, Rome, Italy

    Prof. Andrea Giaccari
  • Specialty in endocrinology and metabolic disease

    Unit Chief – Diabetes and Islet transplantation
    IRCCS-ISMETT – Istituto Mediterraneo per i Trapianti e Terapie di alta specializzazione – Istituto di Ricerca e cura a carattere scientifico.
    UPMC-I (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center-Italy)

    Dr. Anna Casu M.D.

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